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"Through this wise investment, my children will know that their father truly cared about their future and the future of their children"

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"After witnessing decades of relentless and accelerating degradation of that very thin and fragile layer around our planet known as the biosphere, I felt I had to do something real and tangible right now to try to arrest this downward spiral. After weighing many options, I concluded that a financial bequest to Greenpeace was a solid investment in ultimately safeguarding the viability of the natural environment." 

"Through this wise investment, my children will know that their father truly cared about their future and the future of their children."

Why did you include a gift to Greenpeace in your Will?

At what age did you first begin to think about the importance of protecting our natural environment?

"Even before age ten years, I felt a strong affinity towards the natural environment and a nascent awareness of the looming threats. That nature needed to be cherished and protected seemed entirely logical and prudent. This feeling strengthened as I was exposed to many beautiful creatures and places in the sea, in the mountains and in deep forests. And the sense that all this had to be protected was sharpened by the disturbing evidence of the mounting damage and destruction to our life support system."

What led you to get involved with Greenpeace?

"For me, a deep and abiding commitment to the natural environment was forged in the northern suburbs of Sydney in the late 1960s. Just over ten kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, my childhood friends and I savoured many a long day of adventure in a local creek system which flowed to a nearby national park. The still healthy waterway was home to vivid butterflies, all colours and sizes of frogs, eels and small but beautiful native fish and even the odd echidna and goanna. This was a mini-ecological wonderland! Then, in little more than a decade, much of the creek and its abundant life begun to be sealed under vast amounts of concrete and bitumen and further obliterated by a large shopping centre. The saddening impact of this event was profound and lasting, not least because these stark losses of nature seemed to be accelerating everywhere."

"Fast forward another ten years and to the tropical island of Java in the west of Indonesia. I was living near and studying at the main university in Jogjakarta. One day a tiger descended from the forests near the base of the very active volcano, Gunung Merapi. Drawn by the smell of goats and other livestock, the tiger entered the university’s agricultural studies precinct. Appallingly, however, and in very short order, this rare Javan tiger was cornered and shot. One of the very few surviving members of its unique species! Remarkably, but ultimately compounding the tragedy, yet another Javan tiger descended from the forests in search of its (now dead) mate. The hapless creature was captured and caged at a local zoo. Bereft of its mate and its jungle home, the tiger survived for only a short time. Not too many years later the Javan tiger was declared extinct.

These two threshold events, one in Sydney’s suburbs and another far away near the tropical jungles of Java, left a deep mark on my soul but also a strong resolve to do what I can during the rest of my life to try to halt senseless impoverishment of the natural world and the destruction of the sole biosphere on which our lives depend."

"One day a tiger descended from the forests near the base of the very active volcano, Gunung Merapi..."

What would you like to say to future generations about the environment?

"The current world, for privileged nations at least, is dynamic, exciting and full of choices. It is backed by astounding technological advances and unprecedented standards of living. But all this will lead to nought it we continue to assault the natural environment, squander its previously bountiful resources and fail to minimise harm to other species and to the very entities that sustain our physical existence. Even if we somehow manage to avoid impending environmental collapse, our quality of life ultimately will be abysmal. No longer will we be able to enjoy the fundamental sources of our health, happiness and inspiration: fresh air, healthy soils, clean flowing water and unspoiled seas, forests and other stunning wildernesses."

What would you tell someone who is thinking about supporting Greenpeace (donating, volunteering, etc.)?

"Amidst a sea of apathy and growing despair in our progressively impoverished natural world, Greenpeace is a shining light that boldly and creatively takes on the powerful forces behind the environmental degradation and destruction. Its global activists and networks toil tirelessly and effectively to highlight, contain and reverse the remorseless assaults on our life support systems and against our fellow species on planet Earth. And Greenpeace does this independently - with zero financial support from governments or corporations. For the sake of our health, a richer quality of life and for our long term survival, isn’t it wise to stand up and help an organisation such as Greenpeace? "

What does Greenpeace mean to you?

"As the pace and the overall reach of harm and destruction to the natural ecology intensified over the years, I felt increasing alarm and sadness about the seeming apathy and powerlessness to arrest this environmental decline. Then, a few brave and creative souls suddenly launched bold public actions and peaceful disruptions that cleverly captured the public's imagination (for a time at least). They highlighted the sheer folly of destroying our natural environment - our ultimate source of oxygen, daily sustenance and refuge from the daily madness. This unique grouping was Greenpeace. The dedication, effectiveness and international reach of this fully independent organisation just had to be admired, and tangibly supported."

"Greenpeace is a shining light that boldly and creatively takes on the powerful forces behind the environmental degradation and destruction."

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