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"When my time is up, with part of what I have been lucky enough to “own”, I wanted to contribute toward the conservation of our beautiful planet."

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"During the gift that is this life, I have been awed at the majesty and beauty of landscapes, trees, oceans and sea shores; marvelled at the variety and wonder of all the companion creatures who I have had the privilege to observe; and, over time, become aware, that our fellow creatures, especially mammals, share very much of the feelings and the needs that we, as humans, do. Humans are simply a more technologically clever mammal. I have also observed, first hand, the loss to “development” of magical forest and bushland areas, and the breathtaking corals, now degraded, that used to be unspoilt in Blue Bay in Mauritius, where I spent my childhood. A sad and tragic loss. 

So, when my time is up, with part of what I have been lucky enough to “own”, I wanted to contribute toward the conservation of our beautiful planet, now so badly hurting in so many ways as a result of the insensitivity and greed of human actions, and to contribute toward the protection and survival of many of our fellow creatures who have now been pushed to the brink of extinction.

I dearly hope that my small contribution may avert extinction of all and any, and that these unique companions may remain in our company and on this planet. I am part of this planet: when I see her hurt, I feel her pain: I am often literally moved to tears to see what is happening to her."

Why did you decide to include Greenpeace in your Will?

"Viewing documentaries on the television reporting on the destruction of the planet’s ecosystem (especially Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries), but also news and current affairs reports (e.g Four Corners); and witnessing, first hand, the constant land clearing and deforestation for housing development and farming occurring within the areas in Western Australia in which I lived and travelled. I remember one day driving past a freshly cleared parcel of forest, cleared to make way for housing, seeing the birds whose homes had been obliterated, circling overhead: how can we be so insensitive as to deal with other life forms with whom we share this planet home with such arrogance and lack of concern for their welfare? 

 Around that time, there was a Greenpeace team inviting members of the public to sign up to become 

“eco-warriors” by becoming regular contributors to Greenpeace at the shopping centre closest to my home. 

I wanted to join others who wanted humankind to be more respectful of and more protective of the planet that gives us our life, and of our fellow creatures who form part of the integrated web of life."

What led you to get involved with Greenpeace?

"Open your eyes! Open your hearts! Act! Invest! Our planet, which we take so much for granted, gives us life. If we, as a species, continue to damage it and weaken its life supporting systems, each and every individual human will pay the price through an impoverished environment, ill-health, food and water shortages: and, ultimately, when the ecosystem finally collapses, extermination. Looking after our planet, and working together to restore its health, is the most important thing we need to succeed in these days. If we are successful, we have a future; if we fail through lack of focus, disunity or apathy, the lives of our grandchildren and beyond looks bleak, to say the least.

As Chief Seattle is reported to have written, “Teach your children that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the children of the earth…..We are part of the earth, and the earth is part of us….This we know, the earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. This we know: all things are connected. For we did not weave the web of life; we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.” And that is only an egocentric view."

"So many wonderful, unique and irreplaceable insects, fish and mammals are being pushed to the edge of extinction by human activity: deforestation, mining, land clearing for urban sprawl, poaching, illegal trade in tusk ivory, overfishing: As Bradley Trevor Greive writes in his heartbreaking book Priceless: The Vanishing Beauty of a Fragile Planet (a MUST read!!), “We live among exotic neighbours who, from the day they are born, will breathe the same air and look up at the same moon as you and, when they die, will lie buried in the same soil…..If these wonderful creatures did not already exist, no human mind could possibly dream them up…..If we just lie back and do nothing, then countless of these wonderful creatures will be lost. Forever.

For endangered species we are both their greatest enemy and their only hope. These wonderful creatures will not argue their case. They will not put up a fight. They will not beg for reprieve. They will not say goodbye. They will not cry out They will just vanish. And after they are gone, there will be silence. And there will be stillness. And there will be empty places. And nothing you can say will change this. Nothing you can do will bring them back.” Open your eyes! Open your hearts! Think! Act!.....before we can no longer turn things around. Please!! Our planet holds your life. Let our planet die, we die."

"Open your eyes! Open your hearts! Act! Invest! Our planet, which we take so much for granted, gives us life."

What would you like to say to future generations about the environment?

"The effort needs to build to transition humankind from fossil fuels to renewable, non-polluting energy sources, so that we can provide energy to civilisation without continuing to damage the ecological systems that give us the conditions by which we can live.

Also VERY URGENTLY AND IMPORTANTLY the international effort needs to be sustained and built to reach a point where we obtain agreement from nuclear powers to give up and disarm all their nuclear weapons. While this is not achieved, humankind and every other life form on this planet is at extreme risk of the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear weapons incident or exchange, be it by terrorism, error, miscalculation, or the outbreak of war between one or more nuclear powers. Humankind has shown itself far too fickle and unreliable in its history to date to think that none of these could happen."

What would you tell someone who is thinking about supporting Greenpeace (donating, volunteering, etc.)?

"Yes, do it. I would say that, in my experience, Greenpeace is a very professional organisation with a wide portfolio globally of environmental campaigns to protect and conserve the ecological health of our planet and the existence of species who share the planet with us, and who form part of the web of life that sustains all of us."

"I run, walk and swim in the ocean (in summer) here in Southern Western Australia: so, every day, I experience nature and the elements. I am awed by its beauty, its majesty, its power, and also saddened to know what is happening to this exquisitely beautiful planet bit by bit. I see litter left beside the inlet and on the beach, plastic litter and plastic bags (I pick it up & stick it into the nearest bin!). I also sing sea shanties with The Anchormen (great fun!), and am a member of a runners Club and cross Country Club."

"If we just lie back and do nothing, then countless of these wonderful creatures will be lost. Forever."

What’s your personal philosophy on what should be done about the environment?

What do you do when you aren’t supporting Greenpeace?

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