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Our blue planet is under threat

The fate of our oceans and all life on Earth is intimately connected.

Not only are oceans responsible for making every second breath we take, they are the sources of food security for billions of people.

But all of this is at risk.

To protect our oceans from the worst effects of climate change and safeguard wildlife, scientists have told us we need to protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030.

Donate now to fund the campaign calling on world leaders to establish a strong Global Ocean Treaty that protects wildlife, ensures food security, and helps avoid the worst impacts of climate change.


Burning fossil fuels contributes towards damaging climate change and Arctic sea ice melting. But their extraction through deep sea oil drilling causes immediate and direct threats to marine wildlife and the wider environment.


Monster fishing vessels are plundering our oceans using destructive fishing methods and harming marine wildlife. Overfishing, bycatch and trawling are destroying crucial and irreplaceable habitats.


Climate change is making our oceans warmer and more acidic. These new conditions are forcing creatures to move further to find food and are driving them to extremes, pushing them towards extinction.


Sea mining companies are plundering the seabed for materials, destroying mysterious deep sea ecosystems that we know less about than the surface of the moon.


A truckload of plastic ends up in our ocean - Every. Single. Minute. And the problem is getting worse. Plastic pollution is suffocating and killing marine ecosystems around the world.

The solution

In 2020 at the UN negotiations, world leaders are coming together to discuss a Global Ocean Treaty, an agreement that would make it possible to protect oceans outside of national borders from human exploitation by making them ocean sanctuaries. But this will only happen if millions of us rise up to protect our blue planet.

Scientists tell us that if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change and safeguard wildlife, we need to protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030.

Join us in calling on world leaders to push for a strong Global Ocean Treaty that protects wildlife, ensures food security, and helps avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

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greedy oil companies
Great Barrier Reef
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Could pay for scientific equipment and satellite communications technology to capture vital footage.

Could help rent a Remote Operated Vehicle to capture vital images of vulnerable deep sea ecosystems.

Could help influence world leaders to agree a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN negotiations next year.

Why the Antarctic ocean is worth protecting

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