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Current Australia Pacific Campaigns

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Stop Woodside’s polluting deep-sea gas project

Fossil fuel giant Woodside wants to drill for climate-wrecking gas in Western Australia's precious ocean - endangering the lives of 54 threatened species, including whales and turtles.

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Pacific Climate Justice

Pacific peoples are fighting for survival. As small islands, the effects of climate change already impact everyday life and eco-systems across the entire tropical paradise region.

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AGL Australia's Greatest Liability

AGL proudly advertises itself to the Australian public as green and environmentally responsible. But a deeper dive into the company reveals the truth couldn’t be more different to its carefully crafted public image.

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It's time to Electrify

It’s time for clean air, a safer climate and healthier communities. It’s time for cheaper fuel and energy independence. It’s time to Electrify Everything. First stop: transport.

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Global Campaigns


Global Ocean Sanctuaries

Our oceans sustain all life on earth but they are under threat from destructive industries like industrial fishing, deep-sea mining and plastic pollution.

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Tackling Plastic Pollution

Greenpeace around the globe is calling on the polluting corporations that produce BILLIONS of tonnes of plastic bottles and waste every year. Sign our petition now to demand these businesses phase out single- use plastic and switch to refill and reuse today.

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More Greenpeace Campaigns

Greenpeace works on many other campaigns, from protecting the Arctic from oil drilling to creating the biggest ocean sanctuaries in the world. Find out how you can support environmental causes all over the world.

Amazon Rainforest


Protecting the Amazon rainforest is one of the most critical battles of our time. The Amazon is home of thousands of species of endemic plants and animals; and it is a major carbon sink. We must not allow the Brazilian government and the logging industry to threaten this critical rainforest.

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Preserving the Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its shallow seas and coral networks stretch 2,300km along Australia’s Pacific coast. The Reef has been a natural wonder for thousands of years, home to Aboriginal first peoples and tens of thousands of tourism jobs.

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Protecting the Antarctic


Protecting the Antarctic would safeguard the precious animals that call the Antarctic home, like penguins, killer whales, leopard seals, colossal squids and blue whales. The 1.8 million square kilometre sanctuary would be almost the size of Queensland and spark a movement for greater protection of our oceans.

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Ending the Oil Age


The oil ages is ending and a new story is starting to be told, of brave people coming together to tear down the broken system and build a better life – one that honors the limits of the fragile little planet we all share.

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Defending Democracy


We live in a democracy. So why aren’t our politicians standing up for it? Our right to speak out has been coming under attack. Governments are supporting laws that threaten to silence every single one of us – environmental groups, humanitarian organisations, people like you.

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